Pay less

Getting the best deal on the market is almost impossible!

  Do you think the tariffs are simple to compare?
  Are you familiar with the best deals out there?
  How much do you talk, text and use internet?

So we help you navigate through this mess!

Precise comparison

BeChameleon scans all
publicly available plans
on the market.
independent view!


Perfect match

BeChameleon analyses
your mobile usage (calls,
messages, internet) and
calculates the cheapest
fitting plan for each provider.
Sophisticated algorithm!

Easy switching

Select the plans
your are interested in
and the operators will
compete to win you over!
Full service!

Your contract ends later? No problem!

You could be better off paying a penalty fee and save more over your remaining contract period! Here's how to find out:

  • Run the App and see how much you could save monthly
  • You could save this much: your monthly saving * remaining months left on your contract - the penalty fee you have to pay for early contract termination
  • Don't forget to ask your new mobile operator to help you with the process when they will call you


Run the App

Download it free
for Android and iOS.

Select plans

Select all the plans
your are interested in,
without any commitment.

Switch and win

The providers will call you, now they will fight for you! Or you can buy online or in a shop, we tell you how.